2016 Officers

WM   Zach Inman
SW    James Michalisko
JW  Bill Ballard
Treasurer   Tim Glover
Secretary   Steve Shambaugh, PM

SD   Terry McDonnell
JD   Tim Cecil
Chaplain   Michael Swardson
SS   Dan Dijak
JS   Ron McDonald
Tyler   Ben Carr
Marshal   Eric Daugherty
Trustees   Corey Breese, Terry McDonnell & George Plisinski

2 thoughts on “2016 Officers

  1. James Poer

    Hello Brother Breese, I’m writing to you on behalf of my dad, Roy Poer, who is a member of the Greenfield Masonic Lodge #101. Dad lives in the Masonic Home in Franklin IN and is legally blind and deaf. Dad is also 99 years old. I recently found a new technology that could restore dad’s sight to a point where he can see faces, TV and all those he comes in contact with daily. He is in good health otherwise and is a very encouraging person to others around him. This new technology is from a company in Canada and their website for you to look at is “esighteyeware.com”. I would like to help dad get these new glasses but the cost is $15,000. I am able to put up $5000 but am looking for help to raise the balance. Can you help with this ? Thank you for your time. Please feel free to contact me. My contact info is: Jim Poer, 5134 Cedar Mill Lane, Indianapolis, IN 46237, jamespoer@yahoo.com, 317-308-9949, Southport Lodge #270 since 1980.

  2. James Poer

    I’m emailing you to let you know that my dad, Roy Poer, a member at Greenfield 101 for many years will be celebrating his 100th birthday on Jan. 20, 2016 and that a reception will be held for him on Jan 23, 2016 at the Assisted Living wing of the Indiana Masonic Home in Franklin IN between 13:00-15:00. Roy is 95% blind and deaf but continues to be an inspiration to all those who know him. Your presence is welcome.


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